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Hotel Regulation


In order to maintain the safety and public nature of the Hotel, the Hotel asks all guests to observe, the following regulations in pursuant to the Article 10 of the “General Conditions for Accommodation” of the Hotel. The Hotel reserves the right to refuse to allow any guest who fails to observe the Regulations to stay at the Hotel.

1. Do not use the flammable items in the Hotel, such as heating equipment, cooking equipment or irons, other than equipment provided by the Hotel.

2. Do not carry out any activities that create a loud noise , such as shouting or singing in the Hotel. Please avoid giving unpleasant feelings to other guests or inconveniencing them.

3. Do not bring the following items into the Hotel.

(1) Pets and animals such as dogs, cats or birds
(2) Items with an offensive odor
(3) Extraordinarily heavy or over-sized items
(4) Flammable items, such as volatile oils or highly combustible items
(5) Illicit items such as firearms or knives and swords

4. Do not carry out the gambling or other illicit activities in the Hotel.

5. Do not use facilities or items in the Hotel other than its original utilization.

6. Do not relocate facilities or items in the Hotel.

7. Do not carry out activities that alter the state of the Hotel such as attaching foreign objects to architectures or facilities.

8. Do not display items by the windows of the Hotel that deface its appearance or do not dispose of them.

9. Do not distribute advertisements to other guests in the Hotel.

10. Do not leave shoes or the other belongings in the corridors and the Lobby.

11. Lost properties will be kept for a maximum period of 1 month after departure.

12. Do not invite visitors to guest rooms, nor have them use facilities or items in guest rooms.

13. Do not use the guest rooms and lobby for purposes other than the intended one.

14. If the guests dirty or destroy the building or facilities of the Hotel, we would ask for a claim for damages.

15. Any guests who smoke in a non-smoking place in the Hotel will be charged as compensation for damages. However, if the actual damages of the Hotel exceed it, the guests will be charged the actual damages.